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Chanukas Habayis Torah Campaign

Mazel Tov to Beis Medrash Mikor Hachaim on the occasion of it's Chanukas Habayis. In honor of the occasion, a special book is being created to put on permanent display in the shul. This "Sefer Chanukas Habayis" is an opportunity to wish mazel tov and give a beracha to individuals within the kehilla or the kehilla as a whole as it starts this exciting and promising new stage of it's history.


The Beis Medrash will also be celebrating a hachnasas Sefer Torah donated by dear friends and neighbors of the Beis Medrash, Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel and Talia Mashiach. Sponsorship opportunities to participate in this mitzvah are listed below. Thank you for all of your past and current support of our makom Torah. Mazel tov!

Questions or special requests?


Fri, June 22 2018 9 Tammuz 5778