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Note: Intended for those for whom Mikor is not their primary shul. No seats included.
enlightenedIf you have any other questions regarding seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur or membership please contact Tamar Mishkin in the office at or 773-856-0103 
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Mazel Tov to Beis Medrash Mikor Hachaim on the occasion of it's Chanukas Habayis. In honor of the occasion, a special book is being created to put on permanent display in the shul. This "Sefer Chanukas Habayis" is an opportunity to wish mazel tov and give a beracha to individuals within the kehilla or the kehilla as a whole as it starts this exciting and promising new stage of it's history.


Tue, September 19 2017 28 Elul 5777