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Tallis Project

Mikor Family Tallis Project

Welcome to the Mikor Family Tallis Project! 


As proudly displayed and used on Simchas Torah, Mikor's beautiful Family Tallis embodies the spirit of achdus, not only by the gathering of children and fathers under its chuppah during Kol Haniarim, Chosson Torah, and Chosson Bereishis, but also by representing Mikor's families on its exquisitely embroidered Etz Chayim - Tree of Life.

The Tree is comprised of different sections containing family names and the given names of each family member. These include leaf, flower (with an accompanied leaf), branch, and the trunk.

Boruch Hashem, since the inaugural Family Tallis project kickoff, Mikor has been blessed with an abundant increase in families that have joined the kehilla as well as expansion to the ranks of existing families. We are therefore happy to provide an opportunity for families to add their representation on the tallis.


  • For families that do not yet have any representation on the tallis:

Please select from the following options below to obtain your desired choice and fill in the names* using the on screen Hebrew keyboard**. Existing families are also welcome to upgrade to a different option as well if they so desire.

  • For families that already have representation on the tallis and wish to just add new names:

Please choose the "Add name to existing..." option, add your family name (for reference) as well as the NEW names* using the on screen Hebrew keyboard** you wish to have added.

*Generally speaking, up to 7-8 given names can represented on a leaf in addition to the family name. For a flower, the family name is reflected with an accompanied leaf containing the given names of the family members.  In the event the quantity of names cannot fit on the selection chosen (new or add to existing), an additional fee will be incurred for an additional leaf. You will be contacted if this is determined post-submission.
**On-screen Hebrew keyboard may not be available from mobile device-based browsers.

I have additional names beyond 8 needed. You will be contacted by the office for follow up on names and any additional incurred pricing.
Wed, May 18 2022 17 Iyyar 5782